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Why Do I Have Bad Breath And How Can I Prevent It

What is causing my bad breath? As we all know, bad breath or halitosis can impact us socially and personally. It can make us feel a bit uncomfortable at times and even to the point of affecting our self esteem, but rest assured it happens to everyone and there are options. Numerous studies confirm that… Read More »

Are Oral Cancer Screenings important?

I’d like to quote Mahatma Gandhi,  “It is health that is real wealth”.  Our health is something that should be held to the utmost importance in our lives and because that is true each year millions of dollars are spent on various health screenings.  Breast, prostate, cervical, colorectal, just to name a few but how… Read More »

My Gums Always Bleed

My gums always bleed…is that normal? Have you ever gone to the dentist and the hygienist pokes around your gums, calls out some random numbers, and then tells you that you need to floss more because your gums are bleeding? Well there actually is a reason for all that madness! The main cause of bleeding… Read More »

Dentist and patient looking at a digital dental x-ray.

Dental X-Rays

Question Why do we take x-rays so often? I would like to skip them this time…Are x-rays safe? Answer Going to your regular dental visits are important. At each visit, various procedures are done to evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, bone, and overall general oral health. First and foremost a review of your… Read More »

white teeth

Is Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective?

Question I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened but is it safe and what are my options? Answer We are always admiring people in magazines and on television with their perfectly white teeth and wondering how can I get my teeth to look so white while asking ourselves is it safe for my enamel.… Read More »

sensitive tooth ache

Dental Cleanings for Patients with Sensitive Teeth

Question I am a patient with moderate recession of my gums and very sensitive teeth, how can my dental cleanings be more comfortable? Answer Well, there are multiple ways we can help. Have you ever looked at your toothbrush and the bristles look like you’ve been scrubbing the tile grout of your kitchen counter? This… Read More »

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